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Donation to the Bi-State Classic Video Stream Efforts

Donation to the Bi-State Classic Video Stream Efforts

Please consider a $10 or more donation.

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It’s important for us to offer an experience for those who can’t be present due to work, vacation, health, or the pandemic.  Normally we stream through trackwrestling’s interface called trackcast.  Their software is topnotch and streams are hard to beat.  With Flo wrestling’s acquisition of trackwrestling, we are still learning more about their new terms and conditions for streaming, but wanted to ensure a viewer had an option of watching our event without a Flo Subscription ($155).  We have spent a good amount of money to provide this service and if you value it, please show us some love with a donation to help cover our costs.  If not, enjoy anyways and Happy Holidays!

Jason Lulloff

To stream on your TV, just search AROUND RIVER CITY to install the app on your Roku or Apple TV! Or.. watch below in your browser.

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